10 Tips For Finding a Girl’s First Bra

Picture of parent happily hugging daughter

Welcome to LuvFlourish! First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for researching what can be a very daunting milestone in your daughter’s life—her first bra (aka: training bra). Not just for her, but for you too! No doubt she’s feeling shy, nervous, and embarrassed about her changing body (and the daunting task of buying a girl’s bra). And maybe you’re wondering how best to help her navigate this tricky time.

We’ve got some other articles to help with that, but here we want to offer some advice on what to look for when purchasing a girl’s first bra. All of these points aim to help your daughter feel confident, strong, and comfortable. A girl’s bra shouldn’t embarrass or hinder her, it should be there to support and uplift her (literally!) at the times she needs it most.

Read on for 10 tips on finding the bra that can do just that.

  • Comfort: One of the best ways to check how comfortable a bra is, is by touching and feeling the fabric. Stretchy fabrics like spandex are a good choice because they hug the body, moving with it as she goes about her day.
  • Style: Typically, there are four main styles of girl's bras, across all brands available on the market. The Bralette: A bandeau type bra with light coverage and minimal seams. The Cami with Built-In Shelf Bra: Provides light support with the length of a t-shirt. It's great for girls who haven't worn cropped tops or bras (anything short can feel foreign). The Training Bra: An old school style with minimal padding/cups, stretchy fabric, metal or plastic clasps and elastic band around the rib cage. The Sports Bra: Great for high-impact sports as it's made from thicker materials and wider elastic, which offer moderate to heavy support.
  • Color: Select a color that makes her feel good and sparks happiness.
  • Fit & Coverage: Look for a bra that’s easy for her to put on and take off independently.
  • Age Appropriate: Padding, underwire, or cups are not necessary.
  • Materials: Opt for breathable, recycled fabrics with stretch for freedom of movement (many girl’s bras have unnecessary frills and lace. Avoid these!)
  • Easy care: Check care instructions and look for fabric that launders well and maintains integrity after multiple washes.
  • Quality: Durable construction strong enough to last the school year.
  • Design: Settle on thoughtful innovative designs with minimal seams and stretchy elastic. First girl’s bras should be free from tags, metal clasps, or thick waistbands.
  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable: Girl’s bra brands that prioritize environment over profits and being sustainable sourced are top of mind for our young environmentalists. Reducing textile waste when possible is important.
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