10-Year Old Wins Award for Small Business of the Year

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 27, 2022 — LuvFlourish, a mother-daughter team dedicated to uplifting girls, announced that the company was awarded the Small Business of the Year award by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce at last week’s annual ceremony. The award is given to a company that exemplifies the diversity of products and services that are uniquely San Francisco. Nominees demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit that reflects a commitment to the City’s future. The Excellence in Business Awards (Ebbies) recognize the Bay Area’s visionary entrepreneurs, business leaders, and exemplary corporate citizens. 

“We are so thankful and honored to receive the Ebbie for Small Business of the Year,” said Tiffany Whitney, co-founder of LuvFlourish. “When my then 9-year old daughter and I started this company dedicated to uplifting girls, we decided our empowerment journey would start with first-bras. We wanted to empower young girls just like her, and it was important that we did it in a way that represented our core values of body positivity, normalizing puberty, and conscientiously crafting our products.”

In 2020, a global research study by Camilla Eckert-Lind¹, et al. suggested that girls around the world have been entering puberty a year earlier than they did just 40 years ago. With puberty now occurring earlier than ever before, marketers need to be more conscientious and thoughtful about their messaging towards young girls. Puberty is a pivotal time of growth and development — we want girls to feel empowered, to feel inspired, and to feel confident to be themselves. At LuvFlourish, we are determined to inspire body positivity as girls enter puberty. We want all girls to be comfortable with themselves and their body image.

“The Excellence in Business Awards are the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s annual award ceremony which celebrates our City’s vibrant and innovative business community. LuvFlourish’s nomination highlights the company’s impactful story of a mother and daughter who see a real problem and have built a company here in San Francisco to solve it,” said Rodney Fong, President and CEO of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. The Small Business of the Year Award was sponsored by Blue Shield of California.

The San Francisco-based company has partnered with SFMade to collaborate with other local women and minority-owned businesses to manufacture products in the Bay Area.

About LuvFlourish
We are a mother and daughter team dedicated to uplifting our global community of girls. Together, we’ve created super-comfortable, eco-friendly bras. Sustainably manufactured in San Francisco, our collection is made to maximize confidence and minimize waste. Visit www.luvflourish.com for more information.

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Source: LuvFlourish

¹ Camilla Eckert-Lind, MB; Alexander S. Busch, MD, PhD; Jørgen H. Petersen, PhD; Frank M. Biro, MD; Gary Butler, MD; Elvira V. Bräuner, PhD; Anders Juul, MD, DMSc, PhD
February 10, 2020
Worldwide Secular Trends in Age at Pubertal Onset Assessed by Breast Development Among Girls, A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
JAMA Pediatrics